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TradrLab is a code-free trading analytics platform that utilises A.I to help you trade faster, smarter and more efficiently.

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Manual Backtesting

Automate Your Analysis

Tired of using spreadsheets to test your ideas and develop trading strategies? 

Look no further, TradrLab allows you to automate your analysis to help you build winning strategies in minutes not months.


Drive Decisions with Data

Remove the guesswork from your trading.

 Support your strategies with statistics using our actionable insights designed to help you quantify your trading and enter the market with confidence.

No Code, No Problem​

Bring your trading ideas to life using our code-free functionality and extensive quant libraries. 

Power up your trading with the TradrLab AI Trading Assistant and backtest your trading ideas using written english.

Supercharge Your Strategies

All in one strategy
building platform

Scenario Studio

Transform your trade ideas into reality and automate your analysis effortlessly, without needing to write a single line of code.

Or, for an even smoother experience, leverage our AI trading assistant. Describe your scenario in plain English, and let our AI assistant take care of the rest.

Statistics Cockpit

Experience powerful yet user-friendly quantitative analytics with our Statistics Cockpit. Crafted by quants, it simplifies complex data for a clear understanding of your trading scenarios.

Filter statistics effortlessly using interactive widgets to spot high-probability trading opportunities. Run scenarios across various symbols, time frames, and horizons—all from a single screen. Unlock the potential of your trades!

Smart Charts

Save time and enhance your trading strategies with our intelligent charts.

Cut through the clutter, instantly navigate to your trading scenarios, and visualise price movements with our dynamic time horizon plot. Streamline your trading journey!

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