What is TradrLab? (and what it isn’t)

Let’s start with what TradrLab isn’t:

  • A trading course or program
  • A trading signals app
  • An app that trades for you

Today, many traders opt into the three above routes to beat the markets, and statistics show that 80% of traders lose money. Why? There’s a lack of emphasising the importance of data within trading.

Trading is a data-dominated sport, so having a data-driven approach is essential for long-term success — this is where TradrLab comes into play:

TradrLab creates the environment for you to solidify your trading strategies.

The markets are a battlefield, and your strategy is your rifle and armour—you’d want a precise rifle and bulletproof armour. 

Most traders don’t have a solid trading strategy.

It’s understandable why. Building a solid strategy can be difficult. You must manually refine your strategy, backtest it while recording the results in excel, and demo trade it to ensure it works.

You can spend days or weeks building a good strategy just to find out it isn’t profitable in the long run.

The TradrLab platform shortcuts this whole process. You’re given the tools to create simple to complex strategies and receive quantitative feedback to improve on them.

Here are the 5 features TradrLab incorporates to fast-forward your profitable trading journey:

1: Analyse

Users can get a detailed overview of their strategy — this includes how their strategy performs on other pairs, how often sets up appear, average pips gained, and average drawdowns.

2: Build

Create your strategies in minutes with TradrLab’s drag-and-drop editor. The tool provides a convenient way to build simple to advanced strategies without writing a single line of code.

3: Backtest

Test your strategies against past market data at the speed of light. You’re also provided with a chart illustrating your strategies performances and details such as net profit, total trades, drawdown and profit factor.

4: Collaborate

TradrLab gives you the option of connecting with multiple users so you can work on strategies together. A chat is integrated into the platform to communicate with each other.

5: Community

Connect with other like-minded traders, so you’re not alone in the markets. Users can post their strategies, results, comments, and questions to the community. Traders can leverage other people’s contributions for a higher chance of trading success.

TradrLab arms you with market confidence.

To consistently execute trades as your setup appears requires belief in your strategy.

Without a solid strategy, you’re prone to take trades late as you feel you require more confirmations. You’ll also be inclined to disregard your strategy when things aren’t going well. That’s why truly knowing your strategy is vital.

It’s quite easy for traders to engage in biased thinking when trading or backtesting a strategy.

TradrLab is designed to reframe your trading perspective into one that’s realistic.

The natural flow of using TradrLab will reinforce data-driven thinking so you navigate the markets like a pro.

TradrLab is soon on its way.

Our beta version is in development and will be available soon.

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