Why Trading and Dating Are No Different

Trading and dating are more similar than they are different. Plus, most men approach both activities the same.

I know it sounds strange, but consider these three similarities:

1. The majority aren’t getting their desired results: 80% of traders lose money in the market. Only 0.6% of men have success on tinder.

2. The majority see things ideally as opposed to realistically: Many think good traders don’t lose and guys who are good with women don’t go through rejection.

3. The majority try to play it safe: Traders will go against their trading plan because they fear losing a trade. Those in the dating market will disguise their intentions to avoid rejection.

NEWS FLASH: Trading and Dating Are Both a Numbers Game.

World-class dating experts have close rates under 50%, and the best traders would sell their grandma for a profitable 90% win-rate strategy.

You must be prepared for upsets if you’re involved in any numbers game where you don’t have 100% control of all the variables.

The higher the expectations, the higher your disappointment.

You should have no expectations.

That brings us to this…

Losing a trade (and getting rejected) has nothing to do with you.

Trades can win or lose for various reasons. For example, a hedge fund that usually longs at a specific time of the day may have met their targets, so they didn’t make the trade that makes yours go into profit. Or bearish news coming out at a time when you’re longing a trade. The equivalent in dating would be the person you’re attracted to having a bad day, so they end up rejecting you.

Secret: Guys who close a lot of girls on dating apps have a process and use copy and paste messages. Recycling messages require no skill, but it eventually lands you dates. It’s just like trading. It doesn’t take skill to reuse a strategy. You’ll start racking up wins if you can execute the strategy whenever opportunities arise.

Have a strategy, stay firm with it, and go through the numbers.

However, you can only do that when you have good risk management.

Trading is useless without having enough money to make many trades. Curious to know the dating equivalent of risk management? It’s confidence. You need confidence to go out and cold approach. Even if you approach without confidence, the person you’re speaking to can sniff the lack of it.

Now let’s talk about emotional investing.

Putting all your capital into one trade is the same as investing all your efforts into approaching one girl – you raise the stakes, and the weight of rejection becomes heavier.

The key is to make losing feel as light as possible.

Many traders would rather take a “safe” trade, which means entering when things feel comfortable, as opposed to their trading plan. The problem with this: The longer the trade goes, the more real estate it will own in your mind — especially if it’s in drawdown. You’ll be more inclined not to close the trade when it hits your stop loss target.

It’s in your best interest to fail fast instead of lengthening a trade and then eventually losing.

You’ll have less emotional attachments to trades and won’t risk making irrational decisions that blow your account.

In dating, the equivalent would be hiding your intentions to avoid rejection just to end up in the friend zone for years. Making your intentions clear and getting rejected upfront makes it easier for you to move onto someone else.

Winning Long Term In Trading and Dating is Also The Same.

Dating experts know the type of girls that are interested in them. They have key information such as the archetype of man the women they’re approaching are attracted to. How would they get this information? By going through the numbers with girls. That’s the only way to discover findings that give them an edge in the dating world. If we translate this into trading, it would be:

Do more trades to know what works and what doesn’t.

The journey of trading is experimenting with the charts to create working methods that print money for you long term.

Acknowledging the reality of the game will give you an understanding that acts as psychic self-defense against the frustrations you deal with.

Choosing not to acknowledge the reality of trading and dating will have you in the gulag—avoid going there at all costs.